Who we are

Our Board and Staff are committed to making

an impact in the lives of others by assessing

the needs of our community, and improving

our strategies by staying innovative and responsive,

in commitment to our mission.

Our Board and Staff are committed to making an impact in the lives of others


The Neil Family

In a tale of shared purpose and unwavering determination, we have come together, bound by a common vision to make a positive impact in our community. Our story of how destiny brought us together in unexpected ways is cultivated by a shared passion for change that fueled our vision of a non-profit organization that could serve as a catalyst to positive transformation. We immersed ourselves in research and took a leap of faith founding P2i Foundation in 2011 with a commitment to navigate all expected and unforeseen challenges in the pursuit of creating an entity that could effectively address the impactful initiatives that now have a ripple effect for change and positive impact.

Executive Director

Mia Neil

Dr. Mia Neil is a dedicated professional with a strong passion for education and empowering others. She obtained her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2008, marking the beginning of her journey in academia and community engagement. Driven by her desire to make a positive impact, she embarked on a faculty career that started at The Ohio State University and spanned over a decade of inspiring and mentoring students, guiding them to achieve their academic and personal goals.

In early 2015, fueled by her dedication to women’s health and wellness, Dr. Mia founded the Women’s Health Education Program (WHEP) under the P2i Foundation. This program aimed to address the unique needs and challenges faced by women, particularly in pregnancy and infant care. The 2015 inaugural event, the “First Annual Community Baby Shower” served as a platform to support and empower women in this crucial phase of life.

Our Board

Steve Neil

Dr. Mia Neil

Dr. Keith Bell

Keiana Mitchell

Charbel Elberry