Why this is important

The P2i Global Foundation promotes and supports programs to encourage fair play, education, and the advantages of abuse-free sports for children and adolescents. We also come up with new ideas and form collaborations that employ sport and physical activity to accomplish something bigger.

We Do

The foundation aims to help players, administrators, coaches, national sports federations, and others practice all kinds of athletics in the best possible circumstances by supporting a range of educational, technological, and social programs and initiatives.

Educational courses, seminars, and conferences are among the foundation’s programs, which aim to foster a greater understanding of the sport of athletics, as well as its past, present, and future. Exhibitions of a social, scientific, and technological nature are also part of the program in order to broaden the horizons of the sport and those who manage it. Wherever feasible, the foundation also offers special assistance to worthy athletes, students, and federations who would otherwise be unable to achieve their full potential due to unforeseen circumstances.

Development Programs

Sports Initiatives

The P2i Global Foundation's sports initiatives aim to increase the number of individuals who participate in sports on a regular basis. It may be anything from a coach's training program to a international athletic event like the Olympic Games. Many diverse organizations, including governments and commercial corporations, are typically involved in sports development.

Beyond any sport, sport development is regarded as addressing a variety of goals, including obesity and health, community social inclusion, and, of course, developing and creating world-class talent. It is because of that reason that so much money is invested in sports development programs.

Youth Sports Leagues

Participating in team sports teaches young athletes more than just physical talents. It also provides them with essential life skills. Adults may have a beneficial impact on young lives through the P2i Global Foundation's youth sports leagues. This is a really satisfying experience for many individuals.

The following are some of the advantages of participating in sports:

  • Making new acquaintances
  • Developing the ability to work with others
  • Developing a sense of respect for others
  • Developing a passion for physical exercise and fitness
  • Developing problem-solving abilities
  • Learning sportsmanship and how to have a good time

Elite Clubs

Elite Sports Clubs takes pride in being a family-friendly organization. And thereby, we hope to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for both our children and adults.

The Elite Club of the P2i Global Foundation is an international youth development and mentoring organization dedicated to uplifting young people. We use the collaborative and positive atmosphere that sports participation fosters to motivate and assist students as they pursue their career and leadership goals. Our mission is to assist in the development of young leaders who will positively impact their communities.