Why is this important

Development funding from philanthropists is on the upswing. It has the potential to be more versatile and transformative than traditional forms of funding. It is a driver in the international development system that is promoting change.

However, philanthropic contributions are small in comparison to government, bilateral, and multilateral donor contributions, and most foundations are not present on the ground. Foundations can discover unmet needs in the field, learn from successful initiatives, and coordinate their efforts by collaborating with others.


The P2i Global Foundation develops and implements programs that contribute to long-term social, democratic, economic, and cultural growth in the United States and throughout the world.

In areas critical to social, economic, democratic, and cultural sustainable development, the Foundation conducts research, improves public awareness, creates public policies, devises initiatives, and provides capacity building. We also encourage a greater knowledge and respect of culture, values, and heritage in the United States and across the world.

Development Programs

Wokforce Development

We offer stability to our communities when we focus on people's talents and work development. We can eliminate income and employment inequity by offering training and investing in our workers. Healthy communities, companies, families, and people all benefit from a well-trained workforce. Breaking the cycle of poverty and crime, as well as restoring social peace, requires increasing employment. These programs can help with Increasing capacity by infrastructure investments that enable the organization to expand, sustain and manage its services more effectively.

Leadership Development

The P2i Global Foundation believes that by bringing people together, providing them with leadership skills, immersing them in vital topics, inspiring them to think about the future, and empowering them to act, they can rise to the occasion. Our leadership programs are designed to achieve exactly that, and they are available statewide in person or online. We provide courses and experiences that equip leaders from all industries to get things done in the face of ever-changing obstacles and unforeseen possibilities.

Educational Programs

P2i Global Foundation works to enhance education systems at a large scale while also providing young people and adults with empowering employability and career services. We own and operate a school portfolio, and as a non-profit, we spend yearly in our education research program, which impacts global policies as well as our own work. What we do has an impact on how instructors educate, leaders lead, and students learn, and we contribute to improving everyone's life chances.