Why this is important

We think that a better world is attainable, and that communities must be at the helm of change in order to achieve it. Regardless of your job expertise, you will be connected and inspired by helping change-makers all across the world at P2i Global Foundation.

Our greatest strength is our ability to work together. We place a premium on work-life balance and encourage everyone to develop and grow. Equality and diversity are important to us. We’re working on a multi-year plan to promote equality and racial justice in our workplace and throughout the world.

We Do

By enhancing access to health, developing resilient communities, and providing disaster relief, the P2i Global Foundation aims to solve the issues faced by severely disadvantaged populations in low- and middle-income nations where P2i does not have a corporate footprint.

Other P2i Global Foundation activities include providing money to groups that strive to enhance everyone’s access to medications, nutrition, vaccinations, and other measures. Given the high mortality rates in low- and middle-income neighborhoods, our foundation hopes to have a long-term influence on the population’s health through its assistance.

Development Programs

Safe Sleep education, SIDS awareness, and ways to reduce its risks in the effort to help lower infant mortality in Columbus.

Mom and Baby’s Health & Wellness: Nutrition, Breastfeeding, Vaccinations, Car Seat Safety, Contraception, STIs, Pregnancy Health and more!

Provide free diapers, wipes, formula, pack’n play, car seats, stroller, baby clothes, maternity clothes, and more.

Ensure access to transportation to/from our meetings, and doctor’s appointments.

Bridging the gap between high school and college.

All For 961

Over 200 people were murdered in a huge explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, which damaged many houses and buildings and left local hospitals swamped with thousands of injured and wounded. This situation forced Lebanon to deal with a refugee crisis, economic collapse, and the COVID-19 epidemic simultaneously.

P2i Global Foundation established numerous fundraising initiatives through our Disaster Relief Fund to aid with the recovery efforts in Lebanon. We are working tirelessly to offer basic supplies and psychological assistance to families whose lives have been turned upside down.


The P2i Global Foundation’s Women’s Health Education Program (WHEP) targets women’s health and wellness issues, empowering them to enhance their quality of life and effect on their children. We assist underprivileged mother by providing education and support.